Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where to buy LEDs

While on the subject of electronics, here are some good places to buy LEDs:

MPJA ( - you can get 100 LEDs (red, green, or yellow) for $1.95. But, there is a $15.00 minimum order. I bought a breadboard from them recently, and the order was filled quickly, so they seem like a pretty reputable establishment.

Jameco ( - item number 334052 is an orange LED that is $2.20 for 100. Other colors are more expensive, however. I've bought stuff from them in the past, and they're reputable, but their website is kind of a pain to use.

The discrepancies between what different places charge for an LED - a plain vanilla component if there ever was one - really amaze me. At Sparkfun, you pay $0.35 for a green one and $0.50 for a red or yellow. That's right, more than 10 times more expensive!

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