Friday, April 17, 2009


I got fed up trying to figure out why Xubuntu 9.04 beta couldn't connect to the wireless network at work, so I installed Debian 5.0.1 (which is the latest stable release).

The installation went smoothly. (I had to put the firmware blob for the wireless adapter on a USB drive at one point, but that was no big deal.) The default desktop environment is a very plain and boring version of Gnome (2.22.3 according to the "About Gnome" menu item.) I love it! No fancy effects, no stretchy or wobbly windows, no plasmoids, just plain vanilla buttons, menus, and windows. Ahhhhh.... :-)

After a few minutes of fiddling with /etc/apt/sources.list, I was able to install the wicd network connection manager (over ethernet), and a few minutes after that, I was back on the wireless network!

So, Ubuntu, thanks for the memories, and fare thee well. I salute your attempt to become both feature- and bug-compatible with Windows. In the meantime, I'll be getting some work done.

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