Wednesday, April 22, 2009

C#, Mono/Monodevelop, Mandelbrot set

I am teaching a section of CS 101 here at YCP this semester, and we're finishing up the course with a few weeks of C# using Visual Studio. The current assignment is to write a program to display the Mandelbrot set, so of course I had to write my own implementation, which I did. I can definitely recommend it as an enjoyable way to spend an evening

Being a geek, I decided to use multiple threads to speed up the computation, but VMware player (which I use to run Windows XP within Linux) does not appear to emulate multiple CPUs. So, I decided to see if I could compile and run the program using Monodevelop. Sure enough, Monodevelop had no trouble importing a Visual Studio project. I had to fix a couple bugs that hadn't manifested under Windows, but then it worked perfectly.

Obligatory screenshot:

[Yes, I'm still running KDE on my desktop machine. It will be replaced with Xfce after the semester ends.]


ylegall said...

I just installed monodevelop 2.0 on my linux machine. So far, I think it's great, but, unlike visual studio, it doesn't seem to have any support for custom syntax highlighting. Do you know of any way to add custom color schemes? I assume that I will have to edit an xml file somewhere.

david.hovemeyer said...

I have no idea about custom syntax highlighting - I though the default scheme was OK. Basically, at this point in my life I'm too lazy to spend a lot of time configuring things... :-)