Saturday, May 26, 2007


Summer's here! (Or, at least, the academic year is over and the high temperature yesterday was close to 90 degrees F.)

My earlier post about a frustrating experience installing Subclipse was somewhat inaccurate. As it turns out, when you install subclipse via the update site, you can uncheck the box that installs the Mylar integration. The base subclipse feature works just dandy with Eclipse 3.2.2.

I installed Ubuntu 7.04. I normally don't upgrade on a whim, but after seeing an Ubuntu forums post about a GUI configuration for nvidia twinview I just had to. I despise editing xorg.conf, but I love working with dual monitors. Anyway, I now have both my 19" Acer and 15" Dell LCD panels connected and running quite well. The basics are
  1. System->Administration->Restricted Devices Manager (enable closed-source nvidia driver)
  2. sudo nvidia-settings (run the GUI config tool)
  3. log out, control-alt-backspace to restart the X server (just to make sure things really work)
All is not perfect. New firefox windows do weird things if they are sized too large to display fully on the small monitor. However, the annoyances are pretty minor.

Now back to work. I'm doing some refactoring of FindBugs in preparation for the upcoming tutorial at PLDI. Assuming everything works out, it should become a lot easier to implement new analyses in a FindBugs plugin.

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