Monday, May 14, 2007

Subclipse frustrations

I use Eclipse for Java development. Great IDE, love it, etc. But, it doesn't do subversion out of the box. You need Subclipse for that, and it must be installed separately.

OK, go to subclipse website. Find update site. Go through the whole Help->Software Updates->Find and Install... business in Eclipse. It says that I can't install the latest version of Subclipse because I don't have "Mylar" installed. Let's think about this for a moment:
Isn't the whole point of f***ing update sites to automate the process of software installation?
So, now I need "Mylar". Google takes me to the Mylar website. My heart sinks: there's no convenient link labeled "Install Mylar". I can't even really tell what the hell Mylar is. I'm sure it's nice and all, but I just want Subclipse to work!

Eventually I decide to click the "Mylar 2.0M2" link in the "Releases" box. It's the only release listed, so I guess it's the one I should use, right? I see an update site, so I go back into Eclipse and let it party on both the Subclipse and Mylar update sites. Now I'm allowed to install both features. After a few minutes of downloading, installing, and restarting Eclipse, everything is ready.

Long story short, this version of Mylar doesn't work correctly, at least with my Eclipse (3.2.1) under Linux. Errors out the wazzoo. Fortunately, I'm able to disable Mylar and the Subclipse Mylar Integration (thank you, Eclipse, for providing Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration), leaving just good old Subclipse, which now seems to work.

Hey, Subclipse developers:
  1. I expect your update site to correctly install all of the software I need to run subclipse
  2. I don't want to be forced to install broken experimental software in order to use basic version control
  3. The Mylar integration should be optional
Hey, Eclipse developers:
Please, please, integrate subclipse into the mainline so I never have to go through this again.

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