Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reflections on using Pandora

Lately I've decided to force myself to be honest when I rate music (like/dislike) on Pandora.  The rubric is "do I enjoy listening to this song enough to want to hear it again?"

There are a couple interesting phenomena I've noticed.

First, initial impressions are not always accurate in the long term.  I find myself hitting "dislike" for songs that I did initially like several months ago.  There are probably some songs I disliked initially that I might like now, but of course I'll never know about those.

Second, and this is where the honesty comes in, is that I have had to admit to myself that I don't necessarily like music I "should" like.  For example, I don't like any Velvet Underground song.  There, I said it.  They sucked.  I also dislike most songs by the Jam, although I do think "Eton Rifles" is a good song.  I don't like the Cure or Depeche Mode at all, which is somewhat surprising considering I'm a huge Smiths fan.  What is harder is hitting dislike for artists I admire.  There are Morrissey songs I don't particularly care for (anything off of Kill Uncle, for example.)  I've considered hitting dislike for remixes of New Order songs (although usually I just use the "bored" feature for those.)  It pains me to have to hit dislike for any song by the Mekons, but their most recent album (Natural) is, well, I hate to say it, terrible.

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