Friday, January 2, 2009

More finds from Pandora

Pandora continues to be an amazing way to discover new music. Two recent finds worth mentioning:

1. The Changes. I'm not quite sure how to classify them. Maybe if you threw Fine Young Cannibals, A-ha, The Smiths, and Wham into a blender, adding a dash of Joe Jackson, you'd end up with something like The Changes. I received their album Today Is Tonight for X-mas, and it's excellent. Plenty of big obvious hooks, with a lot of substance underneath. Sort of like the Killers, but better.

2. Guided By Voices. I received their album Earthquake Glue for X-mas, purely so that I would have a copy of the song The Best of Jill Hives, which would easily be on my list of the best songs ever. I'm actually a bit obsessed by this song at the moment---I think it might be perfect. I'm not quite sure where the rest of the songs on the album fall, but there's certainly some good stuff there.

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