Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In teaching a course on Software Engineering and Design this semester, I have rediscovered ArgoUML. Briefly, it's a UML design tool along the lines of Rational Rose or Visual Paradigm. I can briefly summarize its strengths:
  • It works pretty well, especially for basic uses (creating UML class diagrams)
  • It's free software (in the sense of both freedom and money)
  • It's a pure Java application, and works well on any platform supported by Java
Given those strengths, its a natural fit for an academic course, and in a more general sense is appealing to anyone trying to rid his or her life of proprietary, closed-source software.

ArgoUML's main drawback is the lack of an Undo feature, which is certainly a bit disconcerting. Web search hits of the ArgoUML development lists seem to indicate that this feature is in the works; if it gets done, then I my enthusiasm level would go from "pretty cool" to "KICK ASS". Even without Undo, it's still a good choice for occasional UML modeling needs.

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